September 2017
Solo art show September 2016 in Framingham, MA


An exhibition of new works by U.S. artist Pat Paxson and British Artist Kim L Pace.

Come and enjoy new works by Paxson and Pace who both engage with the inner lives of people, common to us all - including dreams, memories and states of mind. Viewers are invited to discover links, cross-overs and contrasts between the works as they are exhibited alongside each other.


OPENING RECEPTION: Sunday, September 10, 5-7pm, free and open to the public.
ARTISTS' TALK AND TOUR: same day, from 4 - 5pm.

59 Fountain Street, Framingham, MA 01702

GALLERY HOURS: Thurs - Sunday, 11am - 5pm ...www,
Contact: Cheryl Clinton, 508.740.4431 or Marie Craig, 774-286-1800.

June 2015
List Gallery group show, June 2015

Planning: Part of a show including work by Norm Sarachek and Andrea Packard --- Reunion weekend at Swarthmore College, 2015 at their List Gallery.
To include several of the five images I have chosen - Dreamscape (2); Hemmed In (from the Boat); Windows on the World; Random Thoughts (1) and Random Thoughts (2).

February 2007
Publications and Press

The big triptych painting owned by the University of Surrey is included in the latest volume being published by the Public Catalogue Foundation ("Surrey"). This is a series of volumes aiming to include all paintings owned by public organizations in the U.K. Their website is included on my 'Links' page. The painting included is 'Broken Dream' , which can be seen on my gallery page in the 'early work' section.

Press coverage:
- Beatrice Philpotts in the newspaper 'The Surrey Advertiser' (see below).
- The Molesey Messenger, for the April 2006 show with Jo Buonaguidi at the Fountain Gallery.

Beatrice Phillpotts in 'The Surrey Advertiser' (9 February, 2007):
The importance of personal space takes on a whole new meaning in a thought-provoking exhibition by Pat Paxson.
On show until Thursday, March 1, at the University of Surrey's Lewis Elton Gallery in Guildford are more than 20 semi-abstract paintings and drawings that explore the different ways groups of figures relate to one another through body language.
After graduating from Wimbledon School of Art with an MA in Drawing as fine art, Paxson gained a Ph.D. in visual art from Goldsmiths College for her thesis on the interaction of perception and unconscious processes.
She has combined the discipline of drawing the human figure and her studies of the human psyche to compelling effect in a series of vigorously tackled paintings that manage to communicate key relationships between couples and groups of people in a few well-chosen linear brushstrokes.
"I have a long-standing fascination with painting figures in terms of energy - as seen in the energy of mark-making and colour and their interaction," she said.
Paxson's figures are generally no more than loosely defined 'faces' balanced on vigorous dashes, angles, and planes that suggest bodies adopting specific attitudes to each other.
The way in which a figure moves and the way in which their personal space opens or closes are the central focus of each composition, and the palpable visual tension is heightened by the brilliant matt backdrops that help to strike contrasting moods of togetherness or separation.
The compositions are also a graphic illustration of our own eagerness to 'humanise' what we see and to read different storylines into the dynamic minimalist marks that ' individualise' each figure.
Ideas of keeping yourself to yourself are vividly conveyed in Paxson's large lime green canvas Different Directions, in which two figures pass close by but are clearly separated by an infinite emotional divide.

'The Molesey Messenger:
'Two West London artists, Jo Buonaguidi and Pat Paxson, are presenting their distinctive work on both paper and canvas. Each of these artists bases their work on a combination of drawn lines and vivid use of colour. This exhibition is about lines. Striking lines, happy lines, dancing lines and crazy scribbles. The way these lines evolve into emotional drawings gives the show its character. Visit this exhibition. There is a feel-good factor, you will leave the gallery with an inner smile!
Each artist has her own individual way of working, each complementing the other, resulting in a visually exciting and satisfying exhibition..... Pat Paxson did an M.A. degree in Drawing. She experiments with drawing and the energy of mark making, in conjunction with a vibrant use of colour. Her paintings and drawings include abstract and figurative elements; her images of abstracted human figures are ambiguous yet intriguing.