Pat’s Biography 5/21/16

The photo on this page is 'Pelican Personage', 40 x 50 x 2 inches.

Pat was born and raised in the U.S.A. – South Bend, IN, where as a youngster of 10 or 11 she started taking cello lessons, and has continued to play the cello to the present day. When she was 16 the family moved to Philadelphia, PA. She obtained a B.A. from Swarthmore College. After college she lived for a few years in the Boston area, but then moved abroad to Geneva, and finally to London, England. At that time Pat was a computer programmer for the W.H.O. and then a systems analyst and project manager in the London area.
In 1998 she was accepted into the Wimbledon School of Art M.A. program (in the U.S. this would be called an M.F.A.) on the basis of her existing portfolio. Having gained an M.A. in ‘Drawing in Fine Art Practice’, she was then awarded a full scholarship for four years of further study, and in 2004 she received a Ph.D. in Visual Arts from Goldsmiths College, University of London. This degree comprises both theory and practice. There was an exhibition of 8 of her large paintings for the Viva. Ideas from the written thesis are developed in her book ‘Art and Intuition’, Third Edition.
From 2004 to spring 2008 she maintained a studio in the 100-studio complex at Wimbledon Art Studios, London, regularly showing and selling paintings and the occasional drawing.
In the spring of 2008 Pat and her husband moved back to the U.S., living first in an artist live/wok studio in New Bedford, MA ’The Ropeworks’ for several years.
IN 2009 Pat published a book of poems and paintings from the 1980’s and ‘90’s: ‘Bars and Windows – diary of a poet/painter’. Using the two languages of poetry and painting allows the works to enhance each other, but not directly illustrate each other. It is a ‘diary’ in the sense that the moods move from despair through anger to joy in 7 chapters. The website for the book is:
Pat’s paintings consist of acrylic on canvas. She considers her work is more a matter of raising questions than providing ‘answers’ or illustrations.
Her paintings often include figures, sometimes with ambiguous interactions, allowing stories to emerge in our minds about them. The ambiguity allows a feeling of moods, and qualities of inter-personal space, as well as references to time and memory.
In 2014 Pat published a second book: ‘Art and Intuition’, Third Edition, which is about intuition from an artist’s (and also viewer’s) point of view, a concept important to her practice and one she explored initially in her PhD thesis at Goldsmiths College. It is a more scholarly book, working with ideas about interactions between intuition and making art, and based on ideas from classical psychoanalytic thought, including also A. Ehrenzweig. These various theories are tempered by her experience in the studio. The book is presently being revised.